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40 Days of Coaching Gold

A six-week course to move you into action – so that you can start changing your world at once.

We’ll look at the problem you want to solve, what gets in your way, and how to move forward.

Includes access to weekly Q&As, and a one-to-one session.

Write Your Memoir - In Six Months

Many people struggle to start writing a memoir. Others get started, but become overwhelmed – and grind to a halt.

Whichever describes you, it can be difficult to make progress with no one to support and encourage you.

This six-month group programme, run in collaboration with the prize-winning author Alice Jolly, is strictly limited to people with demonstrable commitment.

Core Elements Of Your Family Story

Families are scattered. Everyone is busy. As a result, many of us feel disconnected from the people we love.

There’s a quick and easy solution – a creative project to capture and share family stories in such a way that people genuinely want to hear them.

I created The Family Project with my wife Harriet, who for ten years edited the Guardian newspaper’s Family section. She really knows her stuff.

Have An Author Join Your Book Group

Inviting an author to join your book group can make a powerful impact.

Not many authors are willing or able to do this. I love doing it, and take pains to make it easy and enjoyable.

The only problem is a shortage of time – so I give preference to people on my mailing list.

How To Collaborate

So much is possible if you know how to collaborate. Ideas you would never have had become clear to you – and good projects become great.

But there’s so much that can get in the way, so that collaboration never really takes off.

In this workshop, I’ll show you what’s possible, how to avoid the pitfalls – and make something happen.

How to say No

If you struggle to say no, and find yourself accepting all kinds of requests you didn’t want to accept, you probably feel quite cheesed off at times (UK expression: means unhappy).

You may even find yourself feeling a bit resentful to the people who asked you. Which is silly, because you could have avoided the problem by saying no.

But some people just find that extremely difficult. At work, at home, and everywhere in between.

So I made this, with help from some lovely friends, to show you how.

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

If you have projects and dreams that you never dare to start, you need to transform your thinking.

First, you’ll want to be very clear about the things you actually want, instead of focusing on what you DON’T want. This is much harder than most people realise.

But you can do it if you become a connoisseur of your own thinking.

How To Silence Your Inner Critic includes an exercise to create one particular mental habit that I have never seen anywhere else.

If you are interested in working with me one-to-one, I strongly suggest you follow this programme first.

What's Bugging You?

Work out the solution to any problem, big or small.

(Any problem? Yup, that’s correct. Don’t forget this is from the man who wrote How To Change The World.)

Includes a beautiful printed map, to help you work everything out, published by Mapology Guides.

How To Have Better Conversations

Some people find it almost impossible to speak up. Others never stop talking, but can’t seem to listen. Neither is much fun – for anybody.

We all fall into particular conversational habits, over the years. Trying to change them can feel so weird that we don’t even try.

But if we don’t take the risk, nothing changes. So challenge yourself: a great conversation is one in which you say something you never said before.

Be Yourself In Any Language

Working in a foreign language can do your head in. Especially under pressure, we struggle to find the right words.

Feels like we can’t quite “be ourselves”.

This is a problem for all of us. Because if we are using our own language with people who are not native speakers, we might be missing so much.

Happily, there are things we can do about this. I created a method that I’ve shared with many companies, organisations and groups.

Improvise Your Way To The Top

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

Boredom, and a tendency to play safe.

Stiffness in conversations, due to planning every word before you speak.

An awkward feeling that everybody looks down on you (or up).

Sales and marketing for nice people...

…who hate that kind of thing.

On this course, you will see very quickly that sales are guaranteed to be difficult, if:

1. You haven’t worked out what you are selling (whether for money or not).

2. You haven’t warmed up your audience before pitching to them.

Working out what your product is can be very sensible if you don’t want to starve.

Warming up your audience is called Marketing. It’s your friend.

How To Change The World

This is the big one. Bit of everything from above.

Make change happen. Be more creative. Communicate better. Share your idea, product or service.

And get paid properly.

Based on the book, published in 16 languages worldwide.

Oh yes!

How To Change The World

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