What Can You Do In 2018? / final

Recently, I shared a video showing my friend Steve Chapman, taking his art into Trafalgar Square.

Steve wanted to give himself a creative challenge, and he asked me to film him doing it.

My guess is that, if you’re still reading this, you want to do something similar:

A creative project that feels exciting – and scary

It may be something you want to do for the sheer thrill of it, or it may be something business focused – a new product, new way of delivering something, or a new business altogether.

Either way, you want to do something BIG, and you sense that you might not pull it off without help.

Well, I love helping people do that.

In a moment, when you click on the “Buy Now”, below, you’ll be taken to the shopping cart and you’ll see some testimonials from people I work with.


Before you click, I want to remind you what’s on offer:

From January, we’ll work together for six weeks.

Before that, I’ll send you some exercises to build up your “want” muscles. (Because if YOU don’t know what you want, I can’t help.)

I’ll give you, as a free bonus, access to my ongoing course / investigation into How To Silence Your Inner Critic.

In the weekly GROUP calls, I might invite you to take the hot-seat, to work out something you’re wrestling with, or to share a success.

As another bonus, I’ve decided to give a free 60 minute ONE-TO-ONE session with every participant. (By phone, or eg Skype.)

I’ll record and share the group calls with everybody…

…and I’ll give you a recording of your own one-to-one call, for reference.

Each week, I’ll post new content into a closed Facebook group.

In the group, you can share ideas and encouragement as frequently as you like. (It’s so much better when you help each other.)

And I’ll ask for weekly progress reports, and I reserve the right to do random calls and texts – just to keep you on your toes.


FYI, in the courses I spent so much on this year, there was exactly ZERO one-to-one engagement with the creator.

Even the group Q&As were limited to just one 90-min session with him.

On that call, I was one person among hundreds, and my question wasn’t chosen. I STILL consider this to be one of the best courses I ever paid for, online or IRL.

That said, I know that some people feel more comfortable if they get to talk to me. Which is why I’m doing all these calls.

If you have an exciting thing you want to create, and put out there, I’m determined that this course will give you the structure, accountability and mutual support to make it happen.


Summary: What You Get

  1. Build Your Want Muscle
  2. Silence Your Inner Critic
  3. Weekly Group Calls (online, 60 minutes)
  4. Recording Of Each Call
  5. One-to-one Session (by phone or online, 60 mins)
  6. Access To Exclusive Facebook Group for Six Weeks of Mutual Support
  7. Weekly Content created in response to the needs of participants
  8. Weekly Progress Reports
  9. Random Calls and Texts From Me


I’m opening the shopping cart now. I’ll be closing it at midnight on Thursday 14 December (UK time).

Spaces are strictly limited, so if you want to be sure you’re in, you know what to do… 🙂

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