Get An Author To Join Your Book Group / 3


To explain what happened, allow me to introduce Marie, the person who invited me in the first place:

If you would like me to join YOUR book group…

…to talk about this novel or any other of my books, just let me know.

I’d love that.

There’s no fee, by the way.

But my time is short, and I can’t say yes to everybody.

So please get in touch as soon as you can. If you’re wondering how to contact me, there’s send me an email right now, and introduce yourself:

Because I don’t know how long I’ll continue doing this.

It’s a newish thing for me, and quite exciting. If it starts to become boring and routine, I’ll stop – for all our sakes.

Thanks for reading!


PS. And while you’re here, leave me a comment. If you belong to a book club, or if you’re an author, I’d love to hear if you’ve done anything like this.

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